The Stage show

pre-publicity c) persophia



Letter To Larry, a new play written by Donald Macdonald had it's first London reading for a sold-out audience at the Leicester Square Theatre in 2011, and followed this with a preview season during the Jubilee at the West End's jewel , the Jermyn Street Theatre. For Vivien Leigh's centenary year 2013, the world-premiere production was superlatively acclaimed by press and public in Paris.  Susie Lindeman also performed the role for special 100th celebrations in London and Los Angeles to audiences including fans, friends  and co-stars of Vivien herself, who have been astonishingly moved by Lindeman,  as if it were Vivien herself onstage. A new London season played 2015.

A special show will play 2017, London,  and Plans for New York and Sydney to be announced soon.