Audience acclaim

"The performance was stunning. I have been obsessed with Vivien Leigh for a long time, and today I felt as though I had really seen her! "


"...how much I enjoyed today's performance of  'Letter to Larry'.The actress, Susie Lindeman, conveyed the fragility and tragedy of Vivien Leigh with great insight and poignancy.

Her way of speaking, every mannerism and gesture, were done so well that it was as if Vivien Leigh herself was there in stage.  As we know, Vivien Leigh was a brilliant and spellbinding actress, so to be able to portray her so well is a great achievement"


"I was afraid of watching Letter to Larry. When I read "she is Vivien on the stage" - I didn't believe it. Nobody can be Vivien! But it was true. Susie's gestures, essence, voice - same as Vivien's. The illusion was perfect. I had a feeling I was watching Vivien. Thank you for that!"


"Wonderful play and a wonderful actress - congratulations to Mr. Macdonald and Susie Lindeman.
I am very happy that I bought my ticket for this magic performance,that was so very emotional. I shall be thinking about it tonight and also for very long time. Susie you made me believe that we were actually seeing Vivien....
Thank you both so much !!!"


Susie Lindeman was heartbreaking and brilliant in her portrayal of Vivien Leigh in 'Letter to Larry'




By Invitation by the National Portrait Gallery, London